Unlicensed Medicines

Medicine shortages and reduced availability of medicines are increasingly causing a delay of critical treatments for patients globally. Durbin will work closely with you to mitigate the impact of these medicine shortages.

Pharmaceutical Services

Building a positive rapport with our customers for over 50 years, our Pharmaceutical Services underpin Durbin On Demand Access as a leading provider of access to unlicensed pharmaceutical products.

Offering imported products into the UK that are unavailable or unlicensed for patients that have an unmet medical need, the service provides access to products for both named patients and cohorts of patients, particularly for healthcare professionals within hospitals.

The Pharmaceuticals Services department has a vast network of manufacturers, global distribution capabilities and multi-territory knowledge, ensuring a reliable product delivery service.

We are passionate about improving the lives of those who cannot access the medicine they need and understand the speed and urgency required for every order.

When importing products from overseas, we take full responsibility for gaining authorisation through permission requests and sourcing all technical information required.

We are committed to evolving in line with the need of our customers. This includes offering an over-labelling and translation service, alongside an ecommerce platform for increased convenience.

Freephone: 1800 440 440
E: pharmasource@uniphar.ie


Operating in the Irish market, PharmaSource are market leaders in the procurement and supply of unlicensed, difficult to source, and out of stock medicines; ensuring continuity of supply for vulnerable patients receiving pharmaceutical care across Ireland.

The PharmaSource service offers access to the largest portfolio of unlicensed medicines in Ireland. It is well known, has an excellent reputation and is supported by an expert team of Customer Experience Technicians who provide advice and support for customer requirements throughout the ordering process. PharmaSource offers additional value and ease through its ecommerce platform, increasing efficiency and convenience.

The PharmaSource service goes above and beyond to complement a competitive pricing structure. Customers receive a superior experience and unrivalled added value.

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